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Elitser IT Solutions India Pvt Ltd’s MicroFinancerTM 2.0 is an integrated software system exclusively designed and developed for Management of Information and Financial Accounting for Micro Finance Credit Societies. MicroFinancerTM 2.0 provides powerful tools; our customers need to succeed in the modern Micro Finance environment.

  • Custom Built for Micro Finance Institutions.
  • Caters to large and medium CREDIT SOCIETIES where the membership is more than 5000 with large transactions.
  • Incorporates various Micro Finance models like Grameen, MACTS, SHG, Federation.
  • Incorporates the latest CGAP ratios and standard Accounting formats.
  • The Graphical User Interface (GUI) offers screens in the familiar Microsoft Windows format.
  • Offers customized MIS as per the requirement of the Client.
  • Fully Supported by a Strong After Sales Technical Support Team.
MicroFinancerTM 2.0 caters to almost all credit lending models of Micro finance including popular models like:
  • SHG Model
  • Grameen Model
  • Federation Model
  • Mutually Aided Cooperative Thrift Society (MACTS)
  • Community Banking/Financial Institutions

The MicroFinancerTM 2.0 software deals with maintaining of information with regard to all members and their various account transactions with the MFI along with other attributes.

The Financial Accounting System deals with the accounts of the user and the accounts that prevail in the society as a whole.

Along with information management and financial accounting systems, various Reports are also generated for information viewing and also for bookkeeping. All the information is stored in the form of tables in a database. Each table in the database refers to some specific operation.

The Information Management deals with the information about all the five levels individually, their constituent members, their various accounts and loans that prevail in the society.

Further information please contact: hyderabad@elitser.com.

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