Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Elitser IT Solutions a well established and a growing company aims to put forth its contribution in helping some of the critical issues the society is facing, and plans to contribute and facilitate some of key areas under Millennium Development Goals MDGs. For the betterment of society. Elitser aims to partner with like minded partners in promoting IT education / Capacity building / Livelihoods and MIS for MicroFinance sectors.

As a part of this endeavour Elitser introduced two flag ship product solutions for MicroFinance sector and livelihoods monitoring information systems for the benefit of Micro Finance Institutions and Livelihoods Promoting Institutions. Microfinance has become an important vehicle to alleviate poverty across the world, many micro finance institutions have started and reaching remote corners of the world to facilitate the poor to access the financial services, this small investments or savings through inclusive social programmes have helped the poor to look for newer opportunities for their betterment. Elitser on its part joining hands with MFIs in facilitating technology resources and services to ensure faster reach to the remote corners. Second important vehicle to alleviate poverty has been promotion of Livelihoods for the rural or semi urban poor to which again Elitser shares its concern and helping in providing Livelihood monitoring solutions. The objective of taking technology to masses and ensuring total transperancy & accountability can be facilitated through partnerships and joint programmes.

The present focus of our programmes will span in countries such as India / Indonesia / Philippines / Singapore. Interested partners can be in touch with us through our contact offices noted on our site:




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