Web Solutions

Delivering top-of-the-line web solutions requires creativity, imagination and vision. Elitser IT Solutions main strength is its skilled and experienced technical team having these traits in abundance. It is because of this strength that we are in a commanding position to offer you a wide range of web based solutions. Elitser IT Solutions web solutions are tailored to your specific needs and include:

Design, Development and Hosting of Web Sites
Redesign, Remodeling and Updating existing Sites
On-going Site Maintenance

Elitser IT Solutions will make your web site the most comprehensive by judiciously incorporating special features in terms of:

E-Commerce Solutions
Web Programming
Secured Transactions
Web Applications Implementation
Technology and Tools

Your needs determine the technology and tools we utilize to deliver cost-effective, time-bound and practical web solutions. Our focus here is to create an unparalleled image for your enterprise on the web. Our engineers are experts in delivering latest web solutions using the wide range of latest technology and tools of Microsoft, Macromedia, Netscape.

Security Solutions

Smart Cards (Intelligent Plastic for Access Control)

In today’s technology driven world, secure and authenticated access has become a prime issue. With more importance being given to security needs envisaged by many mid and large sized companies, the requirement for a host of security solutions has arisen with a dramatic rise in demand for them. Many organizations and offices are going for security solutions through the use of smart cards of various types like contact and contact less cards, memory cards & microprocessor cards.

The Smart Card Kit Comprises

Smart Card based Access Control Systems
Smart Card based Driving License
Smart Card based RC Book
Smart Card based Ration Card
Prepaid Railway Ticketing System
A vast range of information can be stored on a single card
Serves multiple purposes
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